Carrot Farming in Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

Carrot farming in Nigeria is one of the lucrative agricultural enterprise to venture in due to its health benefits which makes it widely consumed across the country. Due to the level at which carrots are consumed in Nigeria, the farmers are sometimes unable to beat the continuous demands, especially during the festive seasons making it […]

Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato in Nigeria: The New Gold

Orange fleshed sweet potato in Nigeria (OFSP) also known as “Solo Gold is a variety of sweet potato with high dry matter and a lot of nutrients. This variety of sweet potato is tolerant to sweet potato weevil and also resistant to sweet potato viral disease, it matures in three to four months. Orange Fleshed […]

E-Magazine: Enhancing Agricultural Productivity

The much Anticipated E magazine is here Zero Hunger: Enhancing Agricultural Productivity. This E- Magazine Enhancing Agricultural Productivity contains knowledge and strategies contributed by organization and agribusiness intellectuals to aid readers build and develop capacities and ideas to achieve zero hunger and create wealth through participation in various identified agricultural business.  


For 3 years, Agricincome Hub had been promoting agricultural practice in every form by giving you up to date information and different techniques involved in modern farming and marketing of Agro products. We have not neglected the place of updating you with possible and feasible ways of getting involved in agriculture on any scale and […]

Agricincome Hub E-Magazine Call for Advert

Agricincome Hub is a top Agribusiness platform (www.agricincome.com) that has been contributing enormously in enhancing relevant information broadcast about agriculture and the business details of agriculture over the years and by 27th of October 2020 will be celebrating her third year anniversary. In the light of this, to mark the celebration; agribusiness stakeholders and entrepreneurs […]

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