Snail Farming in Nigeria PDF

Snail Farming in Nigeria PDF

This E-book Snail farming in Nigeria PDF explored the combination of inter-connected aspects, such as housing, breeding and reproduction, nutrition, disease prevention, control and management to ensure good snail farming practice. This practical booklet focuses on all these subjects and links them to substantial profitability in heliculture.

snail faming guide

Heliculture also known as snail farming has been in existence for a while, as a result of the prevailing economic situation of Nigeria, a lot of Nigerians mostly children have become malnourished due to their inability to consume the appropriate food needed to supply essential nutrient like protein. The above consequently led man to look out for alternative source of cheaper animal protein and the search has led to the rearing and management of edible snail

Snail Farming PDF

This Practical E-book focuses on important subjects such as:
• Introduction to Heliculture (Snail Farming)
• Breeds of Snails
• Snail Environment & Habitat
• Behavioral habits of snails
• Snail Housing
• Types of snail housing system
• Snail Feeding
• Alternative feed stuffs
• Formulated feed
• Snail Breeding
• Snail Egg incubation and Management
• Soil Treatment & Management
• Disease & Predators Prevention
• Snail farming Management
• The Snail Market

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