Snail Processing and Packaging

Snail processing and packaging is a very important activity in snail farming and value addition. The main aim of snail processing is to ensure optimum value is gotten from the snails using hygienic processes and techniques.
The type of snail processing techniques adopted has a large effect on the snail meat shelf life, taste and cleanliness.
Snail meat has a sticky substance known as slime, the snail slime must be wash thoroughly to avoid it affecting the snail meat taste and palatability. Discussed below are some of the snail processing techniques.

Snail processing and packaging
Equipment’s needed for snail processing and Packaging

– Big stone or cub
– Small iron rod
– Lemon, lime or alum
– A bowl of water
– An empty bowl
– A pair of glove
– Knife
Snail processing
There are three major ways of processing snails
a) Breaking of the snail shells
Snails selected for processing may be starved overnight.
The snail shell is hit with a hard object like stone or cub
Remove the snail meat from intestines and other offal’s
Remove carefully tiny pieces of shells at the point where the snail meat is attached to the shell.
Note: Be very careful when removing the tiny particles because they can be very sharp.
Wash off the snail slime using either or combination of alum, lime or lemon.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water
b) Cracking the snail shell
Crack the tip of the snail shell with a stone or cub
Use a rod to push out the snail meat and offal
Detach the meat from the offal’s
Watch out carefully for tiny particles of shell
Wash thoroughly in water containing either or combination of alum, lime or lemon
Rinse with clean water
c) Boiling of snails in water and salt solution
This method requires patience and expertise. Snails are placed in a large pot filled with water, a little salt is added. The snails are then boiled together with their shells for about 15-20 minutes until the snails start crawling out of their shells. The water is then drained and the snail meat is detached from the offals.

Snail preparation

The snail meat has to be thoroughly washed to remove snail slime.
Ways to wash off snail slime
Lime or lemon
Lime and lemon have acidic properties which help to remove slime from snails. Cut the lime or lemon into two and rub all over the snail
Soak a portion of alum in water prior to the time of snail processing for the alum to dissolve in water. Use the remaining part of the alum to rub all over the snail. Avoid using too much of alum in washing as it may affect the snail meat taste.
Combination of lemon and alum gives a very squeaky clean result.
Snail processing and packaging
Processed snails can either be eaten boiled, fried or oven dried. Snail meat can also be prepared with varieties of soups like Egusi, Bitter leaf soup, Ora soup, etc.
To avoid spoilage processed snails should be consumed or refrigerated within few hours after processing.
Snail meat meant for Export or long term storage can be preserved by oven drying to remove the moisture content of the snail meat, after which it can be packaged, sealed and stored.

Snail processing and packaging
Oven-Dried Snails

Oven-Dried Snail Meat

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