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Agricincome Hub serves as an information stronghold in both the local and international agribusiness worlds, capturing and propagating quality and timely information about the value-chains and the various processes involved in the business of agriculture.

We are committed to achieving the global food security goals, and we are playing our part by being dedicated to solving the problems of inadequate dissemination of agribusiness information and technical knowledge, that have been a major barrier hindering growth and development in agriculture.

We are doing this with the best technologies and with every information dissemination platforms available, trying to reach all and sundry both in the rural and urban areas as we are all involved in the business of agriculture.



We seek to carve out a niche in the global agricultural space and become a force to reckon through the digitalization of the agricultural sector both locally and internationally.


  • To help to bridge the information and technology gap across all value chains in the agricultural community.
  • To improve the perception of the agricultural sector as a viable sector through sustainable innovations, active branding and promotions targeted at alluring the youthful population to participate in agriculture.
  • To help digitalize and give the right exposure to global trends and opportunities in the agribusiness world.
  • To be the one-stop hub linking everybody across the agricultural value-chains to the right markets.


– We reach out to the populace using our various social and digital media platforms and that includes but not limited to blogs, social media platforms etc.

– We conduct periodic Agro-tourism and that includes farm tours and visits, school visits, field trips for students and agricultural enthusiasts.

– We plan, organize and facilitate several agricultural seminars, capacity building trainings and consultancy services all of which are handled by seasoned experts in the agricultural sector.

– We provide top-notch linkage service for agricultural enthusiasts and start-ups with experts and thriving innovators in various fields of agribusiness.

– We write and publish seasonal agricultural magazines to capture the latest trends, technologies and innovation in both the local and international agribusiness space.



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