The Next Big Thing In Agriculture: Hydroponics Farming System

One of the biggest innovations to change the face of modern agriculture is the Hydroponics farming system. Hydroponics farming  is changing the face of agriculture by solving the problem of lack of adequate fertile land for agricultural activities and seasonal production of food. The degradation of land for agricultural use is part of the factors that are making Hydroponics the next big thing in Agriculture.
Hydroponics farming is the act of growing food crops without soil, supplying nutrient-rich solution to the roots of the crops.

Hydroponics farming System
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How does the Hydroponics system work?


The concept behind the Hydroponics farming is simple. In the hydroponics farming system, plants are artificially supported and plant nutrients in the form of liquids are sprinkled on the roots of the plants with the use of an automated system.
Plants are grown in a controlled environment where the moisture level, temperature, and relative humidity are controlled.
The substrate or the solution which contains the plant nutrients and minerals can be recycled and reused. The solution can be supplied to the plant in various ways:
• The plant root can be placed in an inert substance (rock wool or glass perlite) with its roots periodically flooded with the nutrient solution
• The plant root can be placed in an inert substance and rained with a solution dripper.
• The plant root may be suspended in the air and sprayed with the nutrient solution
• The plant root can be placed on a slightly sloping film and the nutrient solution is allowed to trickle over the plant roots.
All these methods are automated using either a pump or a mister to supply the nutrient solution to the plants.
Running and maintaining a hydroponics farming requires technical knowledge. It is very essential to get trained and certified before starting.

Benefits of Hydroponics system

Highlighted below are some of the benefits of Hydroponics system
1. All year round food production, because the moisture levels and temperature are regulated in the system.
2. Large Quantity of food is produced from small plots
3. There is adequate control over soil-borne diseases
4. Pure and disease-free seeds are gotten from Hydroponics farming system
5. There is only a one-time setup cost
6. The hydroponic farming system is an automated system
7. Healthier produce are produced within a short period
8. The hydroponics farming system is not weather dependent.
9. Crops can be planted anywhere, so far the temperature and moisture level can be controlled
10. There is 98% reduced use of water and fertilizer since they are recycled.
Plants for Hydroponics System

All crops can be grown with the Hydroponics farming . But leafy vegetables and some tuber crops do thrive well in the Hydroponics farming . Below are some of the crops suited for Hydroponics farming:
• Tomato
• Cabbage
• Eggplant
• Yam
• Ginger
• Onions
Hydroponics system will ensure maximum food security in years to come, it will also help in diversifying the economy and increase revenue through the exportation of agricultural produce. Hydroponics farming  is very beneficial because it ensures plants can be grown anytime and anywhere irrespective of the weather and soil type

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