Guest Post: How you can generate income through Goat farming

generate income through Goat farming

Goat farming is one of the scalable agribusiness ventures that can generate income through several means. It is one of the livestock businesses you can start with few goats, and after getting the knowledge scale up as much as you want.
Every Beginner Goat farmer wants to know how they can generate income through Goat farming. There are many ways you can generate income through Goat farming;

Generate income through Meat Production

You can raise goat for meat purpose, it is one of the best ways of generating income because Goat meat has huge demand all over the world. The Goat has a gestation period of 5 months and is known for giving birth to multiple Kids at each gestation. Generally, Goat gives birth to twins but sometimes it gives birth to Triplets or quadruplets.

generate income through Goat farming

You can breed 25 female goats with 1 male goat at the Onset. After 5 months of gestation, you should look forward to getting 50 kids perhaps. The Goat kids can be nursed by their mother, feeding on breastmilk, for up to 3 months. It means that you don’t have to spend much on feeding the young ones up to 3 months.
You have to feed them for 2 months and by the time your kid is 5 months they are ready for sale. This is one of the best ways of meat purpose Goat farming.

Meat Purpose breeds of Goat

Boer goat
Boer goat is like the asset of Goat farming, it’s a highly productive breed of Goat. Boer Goat is a famous meat purpose Goat breed. Boer goat is mainly known for its early weight gain. This Goat is also used for crossbreeding to increase the weight gain capacity of low production Goat breed. It is one of the best breeds for meat production.
Good revenue can be generated through Boer Goat. The semen of Boer Goat is valuable for artificial insemination. An extra income can be generated by selling Boer goat semen. Artificial insemination is a win-win situation for both Male-goats keeper and female-goats keeper. Male-goats keeper can sell the semen and earn money while there will be no headache of keeping male Buck For female-goats keeper.
Pygmy Goat
The pygmy goat is the most common Pet goat breed worldwide, they are common pets in western countries. The Pygmy can be a good source of income if you are raising Pygmy Goat herds. The cost of raising pygmy Goat flock is less while they can return good money. The selling price of the pygmy goat is expensive than other goat Breed. It can be a good option for generating income. Pygmy goat originated in West Africa.
Indigenous goat Breed
If anyone is planning for meat purposes, raising goats that are indigenous in your region can make a good income for you. The main advantage of the indigenous goat is that they are habitual of that region and grow fast.


Generate income through Milk Production

Goat milk is highly nutritious than that of other animals. Goat milk is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. Goat cheese has a high demand in every region of the world because it is tastier than other cheese. It is quite expensive than other cheese. If you have about 50 or more goats, then Goat cheese business can become one good source of income.

Generate income through By-Products

Everyone knows the value of organic farming nowadays. Goat dung has high NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) value. It is the byproduct of goat farming and extra income can be generated through it.
A Vermicompost fertilizer can be made through the Goat Dung which is very useful for Organic farming of fruits and vegetables. It is also used in the poly-house. A better income can be generated through it.

Generate income through Breeding

Breeding purpose goat farming is the best way of goat farming in which a good 3 to 4 type pure breed can be raised in the farm or the adult breeder buck or adult female can be sold to the new beginner goat farmers.
Goat farming is growing continuously day by day because of the increasing demand for goat meat. The new farmer entering this business need pure breed to start their farm. This is the best way above all and can make good money.

Generate Income through Providing Goat farming consultancy

Once you get experience in all the processes of goat farming that you are sure of providing consultancy. Goat farmers can easily generate income by providing consultancy to the beginner goat farmer. This is the best way to enhance the income of a goat farmer.


In this post, we have shown how to generate income through goat farming. Goat farming is the best business-related to agriculture if you have your land and you grow your feed. The best part of this business is that you can scale it as much as you want. Goat is a polite and friendly animal. A single man or woman can handle 100 goats and they can easily survive in an arid or semi-arid region. Goat meat is highly nutritious and it is expensive than other meat. There is no fluctuation in the price of goat meat per kg, and it always remains at the peak.

Author- Nirmal Singh Bais
I am a passionate goat farmer and livestock farming blogger. I cover all the aspects of goat, poultry and Dairy farming. I am continuously working to take the livestock farming up to the next level.
Blog – https://farmingx.in

Guest Post: How you can generate income through Goat farming

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