Cost and Returns of Snail Farming in Nigeria

Cost and returns of snail farming is one of the critical factors to be considered before investing in snail farming in Nigeria. Cost and returns of snail farming is necessary to evaluate the viability of snail farming for “return on investment”, which however could be foreseeably determined based on certain principles of snail farming.
Usually, the regulating principles of snail farming account for the optimistic and pessimistic views and approach towards the cost and returns estimation of snail farming to provide a clear and accurate situation for the expectation of investment in snail farming. However, to actualize this projection, there is a need to follow strict management practices of snail farming. Also, these principles are vital for a profitable snail farming business in Nigeria.

Cost and Returns of Snail Farming in Nigeria

Principles and Important guides for the cost and returns of snail farming
Housing: Intensive System, Extensive system
Foundation Stock: Point of lay Snails (breeders)
Species: Achatina Marginata (Giant Snail)
Soil Type: Loamy soil
Production Cycle: 9-18months
Egg Production: Average 30 eggs per production cycle
Hatchability: 70- 90%
Mortality of young snails: 10-20%
Stocking Density: 10 to 20 snails per square meter
Feeding: Concentrate supplemented with fruits and vegetables

Assumption: Cost and returns of 500 snails

1. Land, pens, and equipment are already in place.
Note: Prices of this varies depending on location, season, and bargaining strength.
Foundation stock: Achatina Marginata (Giant snail) at #400 per one
Feeding: 15kg at #8000

Profits Projection for 500 points of lay snails

On the Average Achatina Marginata breeder lays 30 eggs in batches (3-4times in a production cycle)
Which implies 500snails x 30 eggs
= 15,000 eggs
Hatchability of 90% = 13,500 eggs hatched
Mortality of hatchlings 20% = 10,800 hatchlings grow into maturity

Marketing/Sales of Snails in Nigeria

On the Average matured snails are sold for #500-600 depending on location and season.
10,800 snails x #500 = #5, 400000
NOTE: All the values used in the above calculation are the best of the real and contemporary obtainable values.
To Achieve all this:
– Strict hygiene and management must be followed
– Proper housing must be in place
– Always know the source of your foundation stock. Acquire your stocks from reputable farms.
– Ensure a balanced diet for the snails.

Snail Farming PDF

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This Practical E-book focuses on important subjects such as:
– Introduction to Heliculture (Snail Farming)
– Breeds of Snails
– Snail Environments & Habitat
– Behavioural habits of snails
– Snail Housing
– Types of Snail housing System
– Snail feeding
– Alternative feed stuffs
– Formulated feed
– Snail breeding
– Snail Egg incubation and management
– Soil treatment & Management
– Disease & Predators Prevention
– Snail farming Management
– The Snail Market
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Cost and Returns of Snail Farming in Nigeria

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