Agricultural Marketing in Nigeria

Agricultural marketing in Nigeria is and still remains an important area of agriculture, no doubt agricultural products marketing provides the greatest avenue for employment and income for the Nigeria populace.
The major problem most farmers in Nigeria face is the challenge of marketing their agricultural products, coupled with unpredictable market prices.
Agricultural marketing refers to all the activities involved in moving a particular product from the farm to the consumer. Agricultural products marketing involves numerous interconnected activities like production planning, harvesting, sorting, packaging, storage, processing etc.


Problems of Agricultural Marketing in Nigeria

It is important to understand the nature of this agricultural marketing problems so as to find workable solutions. Some of the problem of agricultural product marketing in Nigeria include the following:
large number of middlemen
Agricultural product marketing is often seen as a complex process by some farmers, that is why they involve a large number of middlemen in the marketing of their products. Forcing them to sell at ridiculous prices.
Lack of transport facilities
Findings have shown that bad road network hinders transportation of agricultural products to the market or to the consumer, also unsuitability of the present transport facilities for some produces like vegetables and fruits make them difficult to transport sometimes because they start wilting almost immediately after harvest.
Poor handling and packaging
Poor handling and packaging of some of this agricultural produce reduces their market value or total damage of the produce. Poor handling and packaging of green vegetables and tomatoes will make it start wilting or rot as soon as possible. Poor handling also exposes the produce to physical damage and quality deterioration.
Inadequate storage facilities and processing facilities
Improper storage facilities reduce the quality and market value of these crops. Over 20-30% of yearly farm harvest is lost during storage and processing.
There is still improper storage for perishable agricultural products like green vegetables. most agricultural farmers and markets lack storage and warehousing facilities and the amount of wastage that occur due to the lack of those facilities often account for increased cost of marketing.
Lack of adequate information about agricultural marketing
Most of this agricultural marketing problems can be linked to the lack of adequate information about a particular product e.g the shelf life, handling, and storage of a product should be known before harvesting.
Also, information prior to production is also essential for the farmer/producers. Market research is also necessary to understand the customers and their preference, to identify opportunities to grow and increase profits.
A farmer/producer should also be equipped with adequate information about market price and the new trends.
Lack of organized market
This has made it difficult for farmers/producer to identify their consumers, they are usually forced to sell at unfavorable prices and unfavorable time to the intermediaries
Solutions to some of this Agricultural marketing problems
Establishment of regulated markets
A regulated market will eliminate unhealthy and unscrupulous practices, reduces marketing charges, it also encourage farmers to bring their produce directly to the markets.
Farmers are ensured better prices for their produce, they are protected from market intermediaries. Farmers also have access to up to date market information.
Improvement of handling and packaging
Adoption of new techniques for proper handling and packaging reduces physical damage and product/produce quality deterioration. For instance, the use of cold storage in the handling of perishable produce like vegetables and tomatoes.
Adequate storage facilities
Access to adequate storage facilities by farmer/producer reduces the wastage incur at various stages of storage of produce thereby making their products to command good prices from the consumers.
Improved transport facilities
The availability of efficient transport facilities encourages the farmers to take their products to the market without involving middlemen who will buy at ridiculous prices.
Adequate information about the market
Market research should be given top priority before production. Farmers should attend seminar and training on agricultural marketing to improve their knowledge.
• Formation of farmers/cooperative association
• Adoption of modern farming techniques
• If possible complete value chain of each produce e.g. cassava to garri, custard, chips.

Ways to market your agricultural products


Use of social media
Social media now facilitate the marketing of agricultural products through the sharing of information, pictures, and videos. Nigerians now seem to have overcome the challenges of adopting social media as a tool for agricultural products marketing, people now trust buying from the platforms.
One of the main benefits of using social media for agricultural products marketing is the ability to gain a wealth of knowledge, opportunity to establish partnership and to reach a wide range of consumers. Social media is also a very useful tool for agricultural products marketing because it saves time and cost. E.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.
Use of online platforms (Blogs)
Blogs have become increasingly popular for marketing of agricultural products because it is easy to use, it gives the user’s ability to customize their blog to their taste
A blog helps build a strong relationship between the farmers and the consumers. Blog posts can include text, photos or videos that effectively communicate the farm operation and produce/products to be marketed, it can also be used to update customers about crop harvest. Example of this online platform is is an online based outsourcing platform for agricultural produce, it is designed with farmers and consumers need in mind. This platform helps to connect farmers to connect with the market and also handles logistics of agricultural produce. For more information Click here…
Identify your farm’s market.
After conducting your market Research, you should be able to identify your target market and their preference. Locate them, promote yourself and sell to them.
If your farm already has customers, think of your best ones. Who are they and how would you describe them? If you’re just starting out and don’t have customers yet, observe your potential competitors and their customer base. By knowing who your customers or prospects are, you can increase the likelihood they will buy from you by tailoring your marketing message to their needs and desires.
Join farm associations.
Farmers/cooperation is also a cost-effective way to market your farm and its products.
Hotels & restaurants
Approach Hotel and Restaurant with a good offer to be supplying them with fresh food crops directly from the farm. They will consider you if your price is right and if you can guarantee that you will be consistent with you supply.

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