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Agribusiness Magazine: Zero Hunger

Agricincome Hub gladly announces the grand arrival of the much anticipated Agribusiness magazine with the theme “ZERO HUNGER: Creating a Niche in Agribusiness”.

agribusiness magazine

How fascinating will you see a world with “Zero Hunger”?  Zero Hunger; the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 2 is attainable.

Agricincome Hub diverse from encouraging you to participate in agribusiness, from their stable bring you her maiden e-magazine titled “Zero Hunger :Creating a Niche in Agribusiness”  to let you know how you can get involved to achieve a world without hunger, with expositions on actionable and sustainable practices, innovation and ideas to achieve “Zero Hunger”.

The agribusiness magazine provides important ideas and experiences, initiatives, examines vital issues and proffer solutions that are feasible and sustainable. Creating a dynamic niche in agribusiness to achieve zero hunger that foster good nutrition and productivity in the lives of people is integral to progress in this era; evidently through social efficiency, new opportunities that add significant value, and tremendous economic and human growth.
Our Contributors are fact based practitioners in various fields of agribusiness with expressible thoughts and lines of professionalism in telling with simple terms all about what brought them into creating their own niche, how they have fared so far and what they will have to say to help aspiring and startups agribusiness in coming to find their own footing in the agribusiness world.
Consequentially, you will discover various ways to engage in agribusiness, how to explore existing opportunities while participating in all possible forms to put end to hunger.

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agribusiness magazine

Agribusiness Magazine: Creating a Niche in Agribusiness

Agricincome Hub, a top Agribusiness platform ( in Nigeria, gladly announce to you the grand arrival of the much anticipated Agribusiness e magazine publication under the theme “ZERO HUNGER: Creating a Niche in Agribusiness”.
In a world where hunger and inadequate nutrition are rife, the need to empower people through sharing of knowledge, resources, capacity and idea in agribusiness for effective food production, distribution and value chain development is imperative for progress to achieve zero hunger.

agribusiness e magazine

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Snail Processing Techniques

Snail processing is a very important activity in snail farming and value addition. The main aim of snail processing is to ensure optimum value is gotten from the snails using hygienic processes and techniques.
The type of snail processing techniques adopted has a large effect on the snail meat shelf life, taste and cleanliness.
Snail meat has a sticky substance known as slime, the snail slime must be wash thoroughly to avoid it affecting the snail meat taste and palatability. Discussed below are some of the snail processing techniques.

snail processing

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okra production in nigeria

How to start Okra Farming in Nigeria : Startup Guide

       Okra farming in Nigeria

Okra is one of the most popular vegetables in Nigeria, consumed by almost all the household across the country. Okra production in Nigeria is widely accepted because of its profitability and affordability. Okra farm is easy to set up, cultivate, it requires less technicality compare to other vegetables, okra is not prone to pest and diseases.
Okra originated from West Africa, with the scientific name Abelmoschus esculentus. It is also called ladies fingers in some countries. Okra is popular in Nigeria because almost all the tribe in the country use it in the preparation of varieties of soup.

okra production in nigeria
The nutritional value of okra cannot be undervalued. Okra is rich in protein, vitamin, and minerals. Almost all the part of okra plant is edible, the fruits can be eaten raw or sliced and boil, the seed could be dried and use in the preparation of vegetable curds or as coffee additives.
The good thing about okra production in Nigeria is that it can be interplanted with other crops like cowpea, beans, tomatoes, and maize.

The Economic Importance of Okra

• Okra helps lower the chances of cardiovascular disease because it contains soluble fiber which naturally reduce cholesterol.
• Okra contains vitamin A and beta- carotene which helps to improve eyesight and prevent eye-related diseases
• Okra is rich in calcium and magnesium, which helps in preventing calcium and magnesium deficiency
• It supports bone development
• It helps in easing respiratory disease, because of the high content of vitamin c
• Okra when boiled and mixed with lemon juice help in facial cleansing
Land preparation
Okra does well on varieties of soil, so far it’s not waterlogged. It is essential to plant on fertile soil that is well drained. Preferably loam or sandy loam. Fertilizer or organic manure can also be added to the soil to improve soil fertility.
Depending on the choice of the farmer, okra can firstly be planted in the nursery site before transplanting to the field or it can be planted directly on the field.
To hasten germination, it is advisable to soak the seeds overnight in water.
Okra can be planted with a spacing of 1-2 inch apart.
Weed and Pest control
Weed and pest control are one of the important management practices to ensure optimum okra production. Weed control in okra production can be carried out through a variety of methods which include the use of cover crops and mulches, cultivation and hand weeding, and applications of herbicides targeting the specific types of common weeds in a particular field. Early identification of pest and diseases is key to successful management in okra production.
Harvest starts 2 months after planting when the pods are still soft for consumption and should be done every 5 days; this also helps to stimulate the formation of more pods. This process should be done carefully, to avoid bruises because at this stage they are still tender.

Agritech Osun 2019

International Agricultural Exhibition and Conference: AGRITECH OSUN 2019

Agricultural Exhibition and Conference tagged AGRITECH NIGERIA OSUN 2019

Agritech Nigeria, Osun 2019 is the first Nigeria’s largest Exhibition and Conference on agriculture, farm machineries, dairy, poultry, water technology, livestock equipment, agriculture processing technologies and environmental control etc. The international agro-technology exhibition and conference will take place at the Osogbo Stadium, Osogbo, capital city of Osun State, south west Nigeria from 26-28 March, 2019. This programme is coming at a period in Nigerian history when the government of President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) is putting all its resources to diversify Nigeria’s economy from reliance on oil to agriculture. Agritech Nigeria, Osun 2019 is a journey into the future and prosperity of agribusiness in Nigeria, a country with population of over 184 million people and the largest market in Africa. For three days, this Exhibition and Conference will provide opportunity to show case your latest, modern and super- intensive agriculture technologies and products.

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aeroponics farming


The biggest threat to Zero hunger and Food security in Nigeria is inadequate fertile land and inadequate viable seed free from pest and diseases. Aeroponics farming in Nigeria is one the modern farming techniques that have been able to solve this problem to certain extent.

This interview on Aeroponics farming will open our minds to few hidden things about Aeroponics farming in Nigeria. I have the honour to present to you Mr Onasanya Abiola Lawrence the Research Supervisor in Charge of Aeroponics System at IITA Ibadan. Read further as you get to know more about Aeroponics farming in Nigeria.

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Aeroponics farming in Nigeria

Aeroponics farming in Nigeria:

Aeroponics farming in Nigeria is one of the biggest innovation of modern farming techniques changing the face of agriculture, solving the problems of lack of land and adequate fertile land to carry out agricultural activities. The degradation of land in Nigeria is part of the factors that brought Aeroponics farming in Nigeria to the limelight.
Aeroponics– Aero (Latin word) means air. It simply means the medium of growing crops in the Air, without the use of soil or an aggregate medium.

Aeroponics farming offers an efficient means to grow plants, including fruits and vegetables, without plotting and replotting the land to replenish access to nutrient-rich soil.
Mr. Samson Ogbole of PS NUTRAC and Mr. Onasanya Abiola Lawrence of YIIFSWA, IITA (Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa) have worked extensively on crops using hydroponics and Aeroponics. (soilless farming). In our subsequent posts, they will be available for interview to enlighten the populace more on hydroponics and Aeroponics farming in Nigeria.

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Tomato Production in Nigeria: Start Up Guide

Tomato production in Nigeria is one of the lucrative farming one can engage in as tomato is one of the crops we use probably every day in our homes. Tomato is a very healthy crop used to prepare so many delicacies in Nigeria which makes it an important crop in Nigeria. While some eat it raw, others use it cook stew, jellof rice, salad, and so many other delicacies.
Tomato production in Nigeria cannot be overlooked. So duty calls that every home should engage in tomato farming; if not in a large, then in a small scale for the family. Tomato (Lycopeersicon esculentum) is one of the annual crops produced in Nigeria. It grows about 1 to 3 meters tall; with many tender branches that bears its red succulent fruit. The fruit has lots of seeds inside which makes it easy to propagate by seed.

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Ugu farming in Nigeria

Ugu Farming in Nigeria: Startup Guide

Ugu farming In Nigeria is an important economic agribusiness that is profitable due to its edible leaves, popularity, acceptance and health benefits. Ugu also known as fluted pumpkin, scientific name: Telfairia
Occidentalis. The plant is grown by individuals mostly farmers in the West African region.
Ugu farming in Nigeria is among the small scale agribusiness which is becoming more and more popular, a lot of Nigerians are willing to grow Ugu in order to consume or to sell it for profit. And it is not capital intensive, it can be grown in your backyard. For one to start up an Ugu farming the person need to source for knowledge to start. Ugu farming can be done at any point in time so far there is a proper source of irrigation.

Ugu farming in Nigeria

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ogunmod farms

Ogunmod Farms Presents 2 months Intensive On-site Farm Training.

Ogunmod farms and farmers academy presents 2 month intensive on-site farm training. Have you been pondering on how to start or grow a sustainable and profitable agricultural venture and starting right???

Are you passionate about the agricultural value chain and seek adequate knowledge to be a big player in the food production industry???
Are you worried about the unavailability of large expanse of land to cultivate crops and kick-start a profitable agricultural business???.
The answers to these are just right then this training is meant for you.

ogunmod farms

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