For 3 years, Agricincome Hub had been promoting agricultural practice in every form by giving you up to date information and different techniques involved in modern farming and marketing of Agro products. We have not neglected the place of updating you with possible and feasible ways of getting involved in agriculture on any scale and in any of the production links. We generally believe that your effort in achieving ZERO HUNGER lies on how much or how little you are able to do with the vital information we pass across on our blog. We appreciate your support so far.

Last year, we released the maiden edition of our magazine which centered on ZERO HUNGER. We are delighted to let you know that our focus has not changed because of our strong advocacy for a hunger free world and so the second edition that is underway also centered on ZERO HUNGER and has been tagged thus; ZERO HUNGER: ENHANCING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY.

In this second edition, we did not only talk about measures to achieve zero hunger, we also opened up on practical ways these measures can be implemented. We did much on interviews for farmers and relevant stakeholders in the agricultural sector who shared their ideas and some essential information that can help budding agricultural entrepreneurs and also stimulate the interest of agricultural enthusiasts.

For wealth creation, we identified areas of the agricultural sector that are not adequately exploited and how they can be exploited to help the production cycle in agriculture and also bring in abundant wealth for prospective agricultural investors and agribusiness oriented persons. We can go on to count a lot of enlightening features that abound in the second edition as well as undisputable opportunities that were identified and discussed for the purpose of the readers to engage in agriculture whether farming, value addition, logistics among others.

In the light of that we introduce to you the SECOND EDITION OF OUR MAGAZINE and request you to follow all our social media platforms and stay glued to this website as we give updates down the coming days before its final release on November 27, 2020. Thanks for staying with us. For further enquiries, we would like you to contact us or drop your comments in our feedback box.

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