Wennovation Hub in Collaboration with FCMB Present AgriTech19

Wennovation Hub in Collaboration with FCMB Present AgriTech 19. AgriTech 19 offers an opportunity to pitch your idea and get rewarded.
Do you have a providential idea in sections of the Agricultural value chain? Kindly register here for an opportunity to pitch your idea and get rewarded.

Do you know that the Agriculture sector of the country accounts for a dismal percentile of 1.7% of the total lending from banks which is a stroll-in-the-dark given that Agriculture accounts for 42% of the country’s GDP?
Although agriculture accounts for 42% of the country’s GDP, the agricultural sector has been underwhelmingly funded when compared to other sectors of the country’s economy. AgriTech19 is looking for the next big innovative idea to boost the Agricultural value chain.
Problem Statements
Applications should focus on the below problem statements:
Use of low yielding seed varieties by Nigerian smallholder farmers.
– Farmer lack access to arable and irrigated farmland for all year farming.
– Lack of appropriate and profitable financing models for smallholder farmers by Nigerian banks.
– Poor distribution network/supply chain leading high cost of agro-inputs.
Poor access to affordable and appropriate irrigation systems to produce crops all year round sustainably.
– Overall low use and low quality of fertilizer & CP.
– Poor access to mechanization: leading to a low quality of produce, high post-harvest losses, and low productivity.
– Farmer lack access to quality, affordable and timely advisory on agriculture (weather, pests & diseases, soil condition, agronomy practices, market info) as well as extension support.
High post-harvest losses due to poor preservation, transportation, storage, and processing systems.
– Farmers lack the capacity to invest in value addition.
– Traceability and trackability of commodity.
Marketing & Sales 
Poor access to market and market information.
Access to advisory on business development.
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