Agricultural Product Marketing: Vegetables Marketing

Vegetable farming is a small-scale business that you can start with little or no capital base. One benefit of this agri-business is that it requires no cost of maintenance to run the business. Also, there is always demand for fresh leafy vegetables like; the Waterleaf, Scent Leaf, Ugu leaf etc.
Vegetable marketing is one of the big way to get involved in agriculture and make money very fast. You get to buy from the farmers and sell to individuals and organization that needs it. But marketing is unique for each product. This post will be on marketing of vegetables.

Vegetable farming
Points to consider when marketing vegetables

Efficient supply
Fruits and vegetables are perishable goods so selling them requires smartness. Someone that wants to venture into marketing of vegetables will need to contact reliable farmers that will supply you vegetables come rain come sun. Vegetables is abundant during rainy season so your ability to provide during dry season will show that you have come to stay in this business.
Transporting your fruits and vegetables is a very important step so as not to lose the whole produce. Vegetables are delicate and as such should be packaged well especially if you are delivering in large quantities. You cannot just pack them all in one big truck and then expect them to remain nice (unless you are supplying the market women which will not pay you well).
Storage Facilities
Sometimes, it might be necessary that you store your vegetables maybe because your customer has gotten already and you need to get someone else to buy or you could not deliver that day because of logistics reasons. Just be prepared that situations will arise that will require that you store your vegetables and you need to be prepared against those days.
Running Cost
Running cost is a very important aspect of selling vegetables. Sometimes your customer might tell you to come back tomorrow or next week to collect your money. So having residual cash to keep the business running is important. If you stop because of shortage of cash and you think that whenever you have money you can start again, those people will not commit to you because they need consistency. Vegetables are needed every day so you must sustain yourself.

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Agricultural Product Marketing: Vegetables Marketing

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