Vaccination of Dogs in Nigeria

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It is interesting to note that essentially, vaccination of Dogs puts you on the protective side of diseases by ensuring prevention of outbreak or incidence. Generally, the idea behind vaccination is to introduce a bit of the disease in particular or its weakened form to the system of the animal such that there is a stimulated response of the antibodies against such disease, therefore causing the animal to have a pre-emptive readiness to subdue such disease when it comes in its real form.
In Dog breeding and production, vaccination does not only protect your dogs against disease, it also helps to ensure you are economically safe with the assurance of maximum productivity. The other part is that you are also sure of complete care and safety against deadly and zoonotic disease like Rabies.

vaccination of dogs
Vaccination of dogs is very crucial as much as your reasons for having those Dogs. In the reality, people who raise dogs for breeding purpose stands the chance of running at a loss if they will have to battle with curative measures against disease incidence in their dogs. Vaccinating dogs resolves the fact that disease could hamper or cause impossibility of mating dogs on heat, making only failure to observe or other management factors reasons to lose such period. For those raising Dogs as a pet, it means much to always have to spend on Dogs due to ill health as the cost is really high compared to doing a simple vaccination that will protect such dogs and keep them healthy for long. Altogether, it is unequivocal to state the justification for vaccination would not be made if disease prevalent in the environment of the Dogs are not first known and ascertained in order to really know which vaccines are essential to get them protected. On a general note, Dogs must be vaccinated against diseases that easily beset them and those that could cause disastrous implications on human health or loss of life to the Dog itself. Time course must be duly followed to ensure continual protection. Examples of vaccines used for dogs include ARV (anti-rabies vaccine) DHlPP.

Vaccination Schedule in Dogs

6-8 weeks Distemper, measles, and parainfluenza
10-12 weeks DHPP (vaccines for distemper, adenovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.
12-24 weeks Rabies
Every 1-2 years DHPP
Every 1-3 years Rabies
Conclusion: Vaccination does not only protect your dogs against disease, it also helps to ensure you are economically safe with the assurance of maximum productivity

Vaccination of Dogs in Nigeria

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  1. Can you give me the name of a reputable registered vet in Delta State Nigetia that can do all vaccinations required and possibly a pet passport later si I can travel with my dog.

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