goat farming in nigeria

5 Major Problems Faced in Goat Farming in Nigeria

In this blog post we will be discussing the 5 major problems faced in Goat farming in Nigeria. Goat farming in Nigeria from time immemorial has been a practice that is as age-long as food consumption by the people in itself had been. The practice had been exclusively a household practice in which the domestic […]

Goat Farming in Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

Goat Farming in Nigeria is seen as more of part of daily livelihood in most domestic households of the country. While there are different kinds of breeds of goats found particular to different regions of the country, it is common to find that people venture into goat farming largely on a subsistence level and with […]

Sheep and Goat Farming In Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

Sheep and Goat Farming in Nigeria Sheep and Goat farming in Nigeria is not a new enterprise, it is a traditional business that is profitable, less risky and very easy to start up. Sheep&Goat farming has been in existence since the ancient time. Generally it means rearing Sheep&Goat for the purpose of harvesting milk, meat, […]

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