INTERVIEW SECTION: I started farming with no tools, no capital and two teaspoons of seeds

Adekoya Dehinbo

Hello readers, I have the honor to present to you the next agripreneur to be featured in the interview section of this blog, I present to you a sustainability Preacher who is shaking things up in the Agricultural Sector. Adekoya Dehinbo of Ads intergrated farms …Read further as you get to know more about him

Agricincome: Can you introduce yourself and your farming background to our readers
Adekoya Dehinbo: My name is Adekoya Dehinbo, am a graduate of science biology from a prestigious school named Federal College of Education Technical Akoka Lagos State, a sustainable preacher, and hunger fighter.
After my NCE program, I was unable to get direct entry Admission due to funding issues which made me build my capacity by learning more and adding value to myself.
My urge for Agriculture started in my final year where we worked on maize planting on our biological garden.
I was introduced to ProtectOzone by my good friend okubote Anuoluwapo late last year during the FEED 1 training which I became a participant with the help of my friend and Olalekan Sipasi, as the training was going on before I joined. I was trained by CYFI Economic Empowerment Team on Poultry production and Vegetable Farming in the year 2017. In order to replicate the teachings, I started my farming business the same year even before the project came to an end.

Adekoya Dehinbo
Agricincome: how long have you been in the business?
Adekoya Dehinbo: Just a year old
Agricincome: what were the challenges you faced and the ones you are still facing since the inception of your business?
Adekoya Dehinbo: I started my farming business with no tools, no capital and about two spoons of vegetable seeds. I had no fund to purchase a land for farming so all I could do was to visit a friend whose house had a little space of about a plot which is a refuse site. I started by clearing the land, making of beds and planting of vegetables. I started with borrowed tools due to my inability to purchase new tools.
The challenges am still facing: as I started with no fund, and borrowed equipment am working tirelessly on securing my own farmland in any state of the country.
Agricincome: what attracted you to Agriculture?
Adekoya Dehinbo: Solving hunger, poverty alleviation, unemployment are the drive for me to participate in agriculture.
Agricincome: what is your association with Protect Ozone?
Adekoya Dehinbo: after my training with the CYFI Economic Empowerment Team Tagged FEED I. I became a project officer with ProtectOzone, and currently working on FEED II as a Project Officer and also a Trainer.
Agricincome: Congratulations on the successful completion of your program with FEED, but what is FEED (farming for Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development) all about?
Adekoya Dehinbo: Farming for Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development is aimed at empowering youths by training them on poultry production, vegetable farming and agribusiness training for the space of 6months which usually commence around October-March.


Agricincome: how can one be a beneficiary to this?
Adekoya Dehinbo: Farming for Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development is mostly focused on a certain community. For example last year we focused on Apeka community North of Ikorodu Lagos State. While this year our focus is on Majidun Area of Ikorodu, Lagos State. Despite the area of focus, we absorb any youth that wants to learn into the project so as to fight hunger and alleviate poverty in Nigeria.
Agricincome: What have been the secret to the success so far?
Adekoya Dehinbo: My Secret so far has been my innovation of improvising tools for an alternative source of farming and also turning a waste site into a farmland

Adekoya Dehinbo
Agricincome: How do you sell your produce?
Adekoya Dehinbo: I sell my produce in the:
• Open market
• Home delivery
• Canteen’s
• Friends and family
Finally as a producer, it is also expected of you to have a stall where you display your produce.
Agricincome: what do you think are the reasons why youths have no interest in farming?
Adekoya Dehinbo: lack of funds for startups can be a discouraging factor and those with the exceptional quality will always attain greatness
Agricincome: Which advice would you give to youths seeking a career in agriculture?
Adekoya Dehinbo: Start small, fail, relearn, learn, unlearn and never give up all this will bring about success
Agricincome: How are you marking your One year Anniversary?

Adekoya Dehinbo: i have a program tagged “Entreprenuers Mindset” coming up on the 24th of November 2018 at Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Adekoya dehinbo




INTERVIEW SECTION: I started farming with no tools, no capital and two teaspoons of seeds

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