Snail Market in Nigeria: A Must Read for Every Snail Farmer

snail market in Nigeria

Snail market in Nigeria is rising due to the acceptance of snail meat, which has lead to an increase in demand for snails. The nutritional, medicinal and economic importance of snail meat has encouraged its marketing in Nigeria. The snail market in Nigeria proved profitable due to the estimated positive values of net marketing income and net returns on investment recorded by the farmers, wholesalers, and retailers. The prices of snail range from one location to another and snails are more expensive during the dry seasons. On the average, the price of a matured snails goes for #500- #1000 depending on the size and location.

snail market in Nigeria

The demand for snail meat is high and there is a guarantee for markets. Various channels which snails can be marketed include Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, local markets, companies who use snail slime as their raw material and to beginner’s who are just starting their snail farms.
The international trade in snails is flourishing in Europe, Asia, and North America. There is also a good market for snail meat in the international market if only you can do a good packaging.
You can make millions of naira from this vast and unlimited market. Snail farmers are making a huge profit as the global demand for the delicacy increases.
You now see that this is an opportunity for you to get rich.
Also, before harvesting your snails, conduct a market survey, look for a potential market, and know the sizes and how they want it i.e. processed or live snail.



Market Price of Snail in Nigeria

Snail market price in Nigeria vary and depends on many factors which include the following:

  • Live or Processed: The price of processed snails cannot be compared to live snails. Processed snails either fresh or dried ones are usually more expensive than live snails.
  • Season: Snails are generally more expensive during the dry season because people picking from the bush will be short of supply, thereby increasing the demand for snails. it is advisable to sell your snails during dry season if you understand the strategy.
  • Location: location is also one of the major determining factors in the price of snails in Nigeria. Snails command high prices in big cities like Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt etc because of its high demands.

On the average the price of a mature snail is between #600-#1000, while Point of lay snails (i.e sexually matured snails) is between #300 -#500 depending on the season, location and value addition(live or processed).

Snail price per Kg

Processed snail meat increase marketability and profit. processed snail meat comes in different form, it can be fresh or oven dried. Processed snails are packaged in high quality materials in various kilogram sizes with the prices ranging from #7000- #9000 per kg.

processed snails

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Snail Market in Nigeria: A Must Read for Every Snail Farmer

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