Starting up Poultry farm in Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

Poultry farming in Nigeria

Poultry farming is a prominent aspect of agriculture, which involves the rearing of birds. Poultry farming in Nigeria, is important to the provision of animal protein. Poultry farming in Nigeria, has not yet fill the gap of the required poultry products; hence it validates poultry farming as a lucrative business to venture in.
The unfilled gap, by the existing poultry farmers in Nigeria, provides an investment source for entrepreneurs, who however should know some secrets to be able to drive their poultry enterprise to success.

Things to consider when starting poultry farming in Nigeria

To start a successful poultry farming in Nigeria, the poultry farmers, has to reflect on many subjects as the following:
Evaluation of market situation: Reliable market for the poultry farm inputs and products, is very important to the success of your poultry farm. Before venturing into poultry farming, it should be ensured that there is a reliable market for the purchase and sell of the poultry farm inputs and products at reasonable price. For start-up, survey on the sales of inputs as feed, drugs, farm equipment’s etc. demand of your poultry product (meat egg) in nearby restaurants, shops, households and the environs, help in the assessment of the market situation and for improvement in subsequent times. However, it is important to plan production according to the market situation and capital.
Local preference: the predominant preference of your consumers or target markets, should always be a priority that will influence your poultry product production. This entails that your products and its form will be the type which your consumers prefer because it is an important factor to your poultry enterprise. E.g.: if slaughtered/frozen chicken is preferred in your locality, make arrangements to slaughter and freeze your birds after they attain maturity and if the chicken is preferred whole, present it to your market as such.

Knowledge: Your knowledge about poultry farming would influence your effectiveness in driving the farm to success. Experience in poultry farming is not a quick thing to come by, for the start, ‘’start small and grow big’’. Personal experience is imperative even when you hope to employ people who will work in the farm.
Small starts gives room to be competent in handling situation and circumstances as regarding to poultry farming. It equips you with the emotional, technical and tactful tool, needed to grow and sustain your success in poultry farming.
Capital: This basically influence the type and scale of your poultry farm and its productivity. To ensure success in poultry farming, appropriate feasibility study is necessary so as to evaluate the financial, technical and resource requirements of your poultry farm, to be viable enough to provide returns or profit to you.
Pricing: Steady and reasonably priced quality inputs and product is essential for a poultry farm to be successful. It is important to critically analyse the price of the needed farm inputs and products in other to avoid procurement or sales of inputs or products at prices which would not cover the farm expenses, let alone leaving some for you to take in at your profit.

Management Skill: This is important to ensure a stable and profitable poultry farm. It encompasses the daily and routine operations that is needed for the well-being of the poultry flock and farm. The core management required for a successful poultry farm involves the feeding, housing, health and record keeping operations, which on the norm should be put at the best.


Starting up Poultry farm in Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

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