November 30, 2020

Start up Lesson For Every Agripreneurs

Agripreneur are a new breed of entrepreneurs combining their love of farming and agriculture with business. A successful agripreneur is one who has the ability to think outside the box, recognizing opportunities which others could not see. Here are some Start up lesson for every agripreneurs: Identify one area of agribusiness If you are a […]

poultry production

Cost and Returns of Broiler production in Nigeria

Cost and returns of broiler production is often a critical factor to be considered once there is a concept to invest in broiler production cost and returns of broiler production in Nigeria is important so as to evaluate the viability of investment in broiler production for “return of investment cost” and profit, which however could […]

broiler production in Nigeria

Broiler production in Nigeria: A Good Start-up Business for every Agripreneur

Broiler production is a good start up business for every agripreneur in Nigeria. Even with the concept of “start small and grow big” or by massive deployment of capital for commercial start-up. Broiler production in Nigeria as a start-up business for every agripreneur provides an opportunity for a source of income, as well as a […]

ways you can make money investing in Heliculture

10 ways you can make money investing in Heliculture

Heliculture is still a fresh and growing business in the Nigeria agricultural sector but its constant growth as really been amazing so many people are investing into snail farming due to its low start-up capital, and high yield and returns snail. Here are amazing reasons why you should invest in Heliculture: • Income can be […]

Egg distribution in Nigeria


Egg distribution is a very important aspect of poultry farming. Production of eggs is a major source of income for farmers who are into layer birds’ production. Egg distribution in Nigeria is a very lucrative business because, the demand for egg is very high in Nigeria. Egg helps supply protein to the body, build cell […]

Poultry farming in Nigeria

Starting up Poultry farm in Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

Poultry farming is a prominent aspect of agriculture, which involves the rearing of birds. Poultry farming in Nigeria, is important to the provision of animal protein. Poultry farming in Nigeria, has not yet fill the gap of the required poultry products; hence it validates poultry farming as a lucrative business to venture in. The unfilled […]

grasscutter farming in Nigeria

Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria: Startup Guide

Grasscutter farming also known as cane rat as proven to be a profitable agribusiness in Nigeria due to its prolificacy and the taste of the meat which is appreciated by the populace regardless of ethnic origin or religion. The quest for alternatives to red meat has brought grasscutter farming in Nigeria to limelight. Grasscutter meat […]