6 Misconceptions about Agriculture.

misconception in agriculture

According to the English Oxford dictionary misconception is a mistaken belief or a wrong idea about something or somebody. Misconception is also a conclusion that’s wrong because it’s based on faulty thinking or facts that are wrong. Take a look through the 6 common misconceptions in Agriculture right now:
Agriculture is practiced by the poor

The mind set and trend that agriculture is been practiced by the poor masses in Nigeria has led to citizens (especially our youth) having cold feet about practising Agriculture. Why such a mind-set? Why such a trend? The answer is simple “Ignorance” An average Nigeria youth wants a life which involves making money without working hard, and the ideal of laughing at farmers by our youth is alarming. It seems my point here is based on youth conception? Yes. Because they are the country’s tomorrow. An average Nigeria parent will reject their wards studying Agricultural related courses. But I keep wondering those food we enjoy. The meat we cherish, the fresh fruit will queue up for is planted/cultivated by somebody. If our mind-set on Agriculture can be changed, then there is hope for our country. You cannot drink oil (crude oil), you cannot eat limestone. Agriculture is the way forward.

Misconceptions in agriculture
You cannot become rich practicing Agriculture

Can you become rich practicing Agriculture? Yes/No. it all depends on your mind-set and your insight. But the idea of people not becoming rich practicing Agriculture is a terrible idea. Agriculture can make you rich if you keep in mind that agriculture and its product has no alternative. The approach of farmers in Nigeria towards Agriculture coupled with the approach of our government towards the sector has made so many farmers run into massive loss practicing commercial Agriculture. Agriculture can fetch you a comfortable life if you can diversify. What do I mean by that? You do not focus your production on a specific product. Engage in different fields according to season and demand of the people. Finally Agriculture can seriously make you rich. Imagine having about (50) bags of garri when a paint container is been sold for #1,200. You might say can that money make you rich. Remember Rome was not built in a day. You have to start from somewhere and have a better goal and mind-set.
Agriculture is all about planting crops

Most people believe Agriculture is all about cultivating of crops. But that idea is wrong. Agriculture involves much that one can hardly be involved in all its aspect/field. It varies from planting of crops, trees, shrubs, herbs, rearing of animals (poultry, livestock) etc. people needs to be enlightened on this idea to have a change of mind about agriculture.
 You cannot practice Agriculture without huge capital

This point is a bit contracting the idea that Agriculture is practiced by the poor masses. But from a different point of view. Most Nigerians have this wrong mind-set that Agriculture needs huge capital before you can venture into it. Commercially you need money for start-up. But, with little cash at hand, your total commitment and good agribusiness strategy you can start something worthwhile.
Seasonality is a problem to Agriculture

This case of seasonality will be linked to the mind-set that agriculture is all about planting. Crop cultivation is seasonal but it doesn’t stop you from touching other agricultural field. Seasonality should not be seen as a problem in Agriculture, simply because people needs must be met in every season of the year. And also remember that crops have more value when they are not in their season, with good storage facilities this problem can be conquered. But this doesn’t stop you from venturing into other fields and make maximum profit from them.
Agriculture doesn’t require advancement:

I will solely attach this to our illiterate farmers who have little or no idea about the new trends in Agriculture. Improved seedling, hybrid Vigour in animals and plant improvement through advanced research is trending in our world today. The idea that Agriculture is about going to farm cultivate and wait for months before harvesting is an outdated idea. Improved breeds of animals are readily available, that are ready for consumption within a very short period of time.
Agriculture is the most important industry of the African economy, contributing a major source of income for Africa. Considered as a priority to fight against poverty However, if we approach agriculture with the wrong way, then it can become a more frustrating process than it has to be.

6 Misconceptions about Agriculture.

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