Sheep and Goat Farming In Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

goat farming in Nigeria

Sheep and Goat Farming in Nigeria

Sheep and Goat farming in Nigeria is not a new enterprise, it is a traditional business that is profitable, less risky and very easy to start up. Sheep&Goat farming has been in existence since the ancient time. Generally it means rearing Sheep&Goat for the purpose of harvesting milk, meat, wool and fiber. At present, Sheep&Goat farming has become a profitable business as it requires a very low investment because of its multi-functional utility. Sheep&Goat also can be used as a tool for poverty reduction and plays an important role in the economic growth of Nigeria.

Farm Location
Selecting a suitable location for starting a Sheep&Goat farm is very important. Consider the essential facilities, while selecting the location. Clean and fresh water source, availability of adequate amount of greens, access to proper medication, transportation and proper marketing are the essential facilities for starting commercial sheep&goat farming.

sheep farming in Nigeria

Purchase Quality Breeds
Always try to purchase quality breeds from famous farms or breeders. There are numerous Sheep&Goat breeds available around the world. But not all breeds are not suitable for farming in all areas. Some breeds are suitable for commercial meat production and some breeds are suitable for wool production. Choose suitable breeds according to your desired production purpose.

Sheep&Goat don’t require expensive housing, as long as you fulfill their basic housing needs. Even you can raise them with other livestock animals, in small scale production. But for commercial production, you have to make a separate and suitable house for them. Their house must have to be suitable enough to keep them safe from adverse weather and harmful predators. Always try to keep the house clean and dry. Ensure flow of sufficient air and light inside the house

Good feeding is essential for proper growth and maximum production. High quality feed also helps to keep the animal healthy, productive and diseases free. So always try to feed your Sheep&Goat adequate and nutritious feeds. Usually all types of grasses, plants are there favorite. Always provide your animals with adequate amount of clean and fresh water. Supplementation of concentrate is also necessary.


Make a suitable fence around the pasture, if you allow them to graze on the pasture. Keep the fence strong enough, so that they can’t go out. Good fencing also help to keep all types of predators out. You can make a wire or wooden fence.

Good management can ensure maximum profit from your sheep&goat farm. So always try to take good care of your animals. Always try to purchase quality and productive breeds, feed them nutritious feeds and make a suitable house for them. Vaccinate them timely to prevent them from various types of diseases.

Various types of viral diseases like PPR, goat pox, foot and mouth diseases and bacterial diseases like anthrax, brucellosis etc. are very harmful for goats. So, proper vaccination is a must to prevent this types of diseases. The does which was not vaccinated PPR, goat pox, brucellosis vaccines previously, vaccinate them at the fifth month of gestation period. Vaccinate the kids PPR vaccine when they reach 5 months of age. Always take good care of your animals and vaccinate them timely to prevent unwanted health hazard and diseases. See the chart below.

Vaccine NameApplying RateApplying Method
PPR1 mlInjection Under Skin
Foot & Mouth Disease2 mlInjection Under Skin
Anthrax1 mlInjection Under Skin



To effectively market your animals, you have to create your own market. By trying your local livestock market. Market your animal’s online, sell to restaurants and bars that prepare pepper soup. I strongly advice farmers to first figure out the market where to sell their animals/products before venturing into it.


Sheep and goat farming are traditional livestock farming business that is profitable. Before starting, choose proper breeds. Because maximum profits mostly depend on selecting high quality and healthy breeds.

Goat Farming Business Plan

This Business plan can be used for Grant Applications, Bank loans, proposal writing and Business concept note. Goat farming in Nigeria is a lucrative agribusiness that needs a lot of strategic planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye can help you start the implementation. Click here to get the business plan 

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Sheep and Goat Farming In Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

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