E-Magazine: Enhancing Agricultural Productivity

The much Anticipated E magazine is here Zero Hunger: Enhancing Agricultural Productivity.

This E- Magazine Enhancing Agricultural Productivity contains knowledge and strategies contributed by organization and agribusiness intellectuals to aid readers build and develop capacities and ideas to achieve zero hunger and create wealth through participation in various identified agricultural business.


Enhancing agricultural productivity

The Second Edition of Agricincome Hub E- Magazine also provides a strategy of shared knowledge, optimizing resources, building and developing capacity and idea to achieve zero hunger by Enhancing Agricultural Productivity.
It provides practical approaches to engaging in any sector of the Agribusiness World by first identifying the problems cum opportunities as well as revealing how to provide the required solutions, thus utilizing such opportunities which leads to wealth creation and agricultural advancement. The E magazine have been sent for reviews from gurus in the Agricultural community.

The E-Magazine Zero Hunger: Enhancing Agricultural Productivity features the following:
• Women and Youth Empowerment as a Poverty Alleviation Tool
• Women in Agric Interview
• The Effort of the African Development Bank in Advancing ZERO HUNGER
Backyard Gardening as one of the promising approaches to address food shortage
• Agro logistics: The Untapped Oil Well in Agricultural Value Chain
• Agric Consultant Interview
E marketing in Agriculture
• Youth in Agric Interview
• Adopting Renewable Energy Technologies
• Tech Versatility for Exponential Agricultural Enhancement
Farmers Interview
• 5 keys ways to improve Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria
• Professionals in farming
Agritech and Utilization: An Enhancement for Production, Processing and Value Addition
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E-Magazine: Enhancing Agricultural Productivity

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