Dog breeding in nigeria

Dog breeding in Nigeria is a very lucrative business if properly managed. Gone are the days where dogs are mainly kept for security purposes. Dogs are now kept as pet and for companionship due to their cute look and friendly nature.
Get required knowledge- it is important to get trained by breeders who are already in the business to equip yourself with adequate information about breeds of dogs, prices, their behaviours, handling and feeding.
Parent Stock- selecting the parent stock/breed remains the greatest challenge in dog breeding, because any mistake in choosing can ruin the business before even starting. Different areas have different breeds of dogs that sells fast. Things to have in mind when selecting parent stock:

dog breeding
• Choose breed you are familiar with the nature of handling and behaviour.
• Choose breed you can easily market for the puppies.
• Choose parent stock with a proper vaccination record.
• Choose pure breed of dog when purchasing your parent stock, because it is very difficult to sell crossed breed puppies (puppies from different breed mated together) and this can ruin your business.
Management- caring for dogs is almost the same as caring for humans, if not more than. Vaccination of your dogs should always be a priority to avoid losing your investment and endangering your life. Proper feeding and sanitation are also very important, it is advisable to always get advice from a professional breeder or a veterinarian to help you to make the choice of the most affordable and rich feeding alternative to bring out the best from your parent stock.
Breeding– female dogs usually comes on their first heat (sexual cycle or breeding cycle) when they are between 7-8 months of age, it is always advisable not to mate them until at least the second or third heat. It is important to source for a male of good breed and pedigree to mate with the female dog. Female dogs carry pregnancy for 64 days (on the average)

Marketing of puppies

it is always advisable to start marketing your puppies when they are about 5 weeks of age. You can contact your veterinarian or puppy vendors. It is also important to make yourself know within your community to make marketing of your puppies easier.
Conclusion: keeping dogs can be capital and labour intensive, it is advisable to start with small number of puppies that you can manage easily and finance.

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