Craving for Development presents a 4 day symposium

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Craving for Development presents a 4 day symposium with the theme: Leveraging Africa’s diverse potential for a breakthrough in AgroEcology.

Venue: La Source aux Lamantins, iles du Saloum, Senegal.
Vision Of The Symposium

Date: Wednesday, 24th Nov. – Saturday, 27th Nov. 2021

Vision of the symposium:
Create a regional knowledge and partnership platform that helps better understand the power of youth involvement in Agriculture and the potential of innovation in agriculture in Africa.

The event will address the following topics:
1. Food sovereignty
2. Agroecology
3. Climate Smart Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture
4. Livestock farming/Aquaculture and Apiculture
5. Agroforestry and landscaping
6. Agri Business and Agri-Processing
7. Use of Technology and innovative tools in agriculture
8. Agricultural Economics/Investments/Economic integration
9. Access to Markets and Partnership Building
10. Global Trends and Challenges in agriculture
11. Leadership
12. Wealth Creation
Stakes of the event:
• Global warming
• Agroforestry (Neem, Kaad and many others)
• Youth employability
• Capacity building of youth in agripreneurship
• Promoting the inspiration of young Africans by other successful Africans (role modeling)
• Bringing technology to agriculture (bridging the digital gap)
• Access to African markets
• Innovation in agriculture
• Explaining agricultural value chains
• Private sector engagement in the agricultural sector
• Pan-African networking
• Wealth creation in the sector

Concrete actions that allow African youth to take advantage of the great opportunities in terms of agriculture, access to markets, partnerships and investments.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/rasw5vw3 to register for the event

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Craving for Development presents a 4 day symposium

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