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Geese Farming in Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

Geese farming in Nigeria is one of the unpopular and profitable ways of generating income from poultry farming. Geese can be classified under the same family of poultry as the duck. Geese are widely known to be a good source of protein from their meats and eggs. Geese has a lot of economic importance, their […]

Guest Post: Causes of Mortality in Poultry Birds

It have been said that it is impossible to rear birds without recording any mortality. Their conclusion may be out of their personal experience; they must have reared birds and must have recorded mortality frequently resulting to that concluding fact that there must be mortality (on a small scale or large scale, extensive or intensive […]

Coccidiosis in Poultry

Coccidiosis in poultry is still considered as one of the main diseases affecting the performance of poultry birds reared under the intensive system of management. Coccidiosis is a common disease in poultry and it is prevalent among different kinds of livestock animals, even though it is species-specific. Coccidiosis in poultry is characterized by enteritis and […]

Newcastle Disease in Poultry

Newcastle disease in poultry is endemic in Nigeria. The disease has been the most important disease of chickens in the country. Newcastle disease in poultry continues to be a serious economic threat to the poultry industry causing increased morbidity and mortality and loss of eggs for both breeding and human consumption. The disease is also […]

Heat Stress In Poultry Production

Heat stress in poultry production can greatly hamper production and reduces the profitability of the poultry industry. High temperature can have a major impact on the performance of poultry birds when coupled with high humidity, the combination can be critical. There is, therefore, need to reconsider the management of poultry houses and equipment used in […]

Turkey Farming in Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide

Turkey farming in Nigeria is now gradually increasing because of the awareness and many benefits derived from rearing turkeys. Turkey supply eggs and can be source of meat and their multi-coloured plumage can be used for decorations. The poultry industry in Nigeria is expanding rapidly and meat and egg production is an important aspect in […]

Vaccination in Poultry Birds

Why do we vaccinate Adequate vaccination is an essential part of a good poultry management and for the success of any poultry operation. Effective preventive procedures such as vaccination protect poultry flocks from many contagious and deadly diseases and have resulted in improved flock health and production effectiveness. Vaccination cannot be a substitute for poor […]

Cost and Returns of Broiler production in Nigeria

Cost and returns of broiler production is often a critical factor to be considered once there is a concept to invest in broiler production cost and returns of broiler production in Nigeria is important so as to evaluate the viability of investment in broiler production for “return of investment cost” and profit, which however could […]

Broiler production in Nigeria: A Good Start-up Business for every Agripreneur

Broiler production is a good start up business for every agripreneur in Nigeria. Even with the concept of “start small and grow big” or by massive deployment of capital for commercial start-up. Broiler production in Nigeria as a start-up business for every agripreneur provides an opportunity for a source of income, as well as a […]


Egg distribution is a very important aspect of poultry farming. Production of eggs is a major source of income for farmers who are into layer birds’ production. Egg distribution in Nigeria is a very lucrative business because, the demand for egg is very high in Nigeria. Egg helps supply protein to the body, build cell […]

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