Dog breeding in nigeria

Vaccination of Dogs in Nigeria

It is interesting to note that essentially, vaccination of Dogs puts you on the protective side of diseases by ensuring prevention of outbreak or incidence. Generally, the idea behind vaccination is to introduce a bit of the disease in particular or its weakened form to the system of the animal such that there is a stimulated response of the antibodies against such disease, therefore causing the animal to have a pre-emptive readiness to subdue such disease when it comes in its real form.
In Dog breeding and production, vaccination does not only protect your dogs against disease, it also helps to ensure you are economically safe with the assurance of maximum productivity. The other part is that you are also sure of complete care and safety against deadly and zoonotic disease like Rabies.

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Dog breeding in nigeria


Dog breeding in Nigeria is a very lucrative business if properly managed. Gone are the days where dogs are mainly kept for security purposes. Dogs are now kept as pet and for companionship due to their cute look and friendly nature.
Get required knowledge- it is important to get trained by breeders who are already in the business to equip yourself with adequate information about breeds of dogs, prices, their behaviours, handling and feeding.
Parent Stock- selecting the parent stock/breed remains the greatest challenge in dog breeding, because any mistake in choosing can ruin the business before even starting. Different areas have different breeds of dogs that sells fast. Things to have in mind when selecting parent stock:

dog breeding
• Choose breed you are familiar with the nature of handling and behaviour.
• Choose breed you can easily market for the puppies.
• Choose parent stock with a proper vaccination record. Read More