Broiler production in Nigeria: A Good Start-up Business for every Agripreneur

broiler production in Nigeria

Broiler production is a good start up business for every agripreneur in Nigeria. Even with the concept of “start small and grow big” or by massive deployment of capital for commercial start-up. Broiler production in Nigeria as a start-up business for every agripreneur provides an opportunity for a source of income, as well as a means to fulfil a need within and across the socio-economic populace of Nigeria. Agripreneurs, who wish to start up broiler production in Nigeria, like every other entrepreneurs, should be detailed about the (SWOT) Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats as peculiar to broiler production in Nigeria.
Strength of broiler production as can be perceived by an agripreneur include the fast return to investment nature of broiler production, due to short time required (6-8 weeks) for the production cycle and the ability for broiler meat to command a good price, which pays off the investment and production cost with allowance of substantial profit for the agripreneur within a shorter possible time; which however can only be actualized on the basis of good management.

broiler production in Nigeria
Nevertheless, broiler production in Nigeria is not without weakness that every agripreneur should be acquitted with, so as to avoid these weakness to hinder the benefits that can be gotten from broiler production in Nigeria. However this weakness is with the agricultural sector of Nigeria as inadequate capital, Access to fund, land, and policy among others.
Moreover unfavourable market situation characterised by seasonality and preference to the imported broiler meat (frozen chicken) has been a weakness to broiler production in Nigeria. Nevertheless existing agripreneurs have been able to survive these weakness for sustainable profit and growth. Hence, agripreneurs who wish to start up broiler production also can!!!
Opportunities enormously abound in Broiler production in Nigeria. Which clearly positions it as a start-up business for every agripreneur. There is deficiency of the consumption of animal protein in Nigeria, many other countries in Africa falls from the recommended 35g per day consumption of the FAO for an average Adult. Thus, there is short fall in production of adequate poultry meat (which broiler provide) to complement other sources of animal protein by existing broiler production business to meet the recommended animal protein intake of the Nigerian populace.
Threats of broiler production in Nigeria as a start-up business for every Agripreneurs is the high influx of poultry producers through the porous border from other countries into Nigeria.
Also, like every other agricultural enterprise, that is subject to natural disaster, broiler production is under threat of outbreak of diseases, which is negatively impactful to the income, when it accounts for more than 5-10% of the total mortality and cost of drugs in broiler production. Moreso, those threats can be managed through collective effort of government policy and effective management of biosecurity measures so as to maintain the viability of broiler production for agripreneurs.

Broiler production in Nigeria: A Good Start-up Business for every Agripreneur

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