INTERVIEW SECTION: All Farmers Will Be Rich This Year: Kinzo Farms

kinzo farms

Hello readers, I have the honor to present to you the first agripreneur to be featured in our interview section of this blog, I present to you a swaggerlious farmer who is shaking things up in the Agricultural Sector. Akinbolu Elemide of Kinzo farms…Read further as you get to know more about him.

Agricincome: Please can you introduce yourself to our readers and your farming background?
Kinzo farms: My name is Akinbolu Elemide CEO Elkinzo Agro Limited. I was fortunate to be part of a farm set up by an Executive Director of a Bank and the contract was given to a consultant from Niger state and my role was to supervise. I made it easy for the consultant who works for Ministry of Agric Minna Niger state, by telling him to stay there and give me orders on what to do and we successfully carried out the job, although he was coming to check up every weekend. I saw the opportunities in Agribusiness and I began to attend training 5 years ago and later started my farm.
Agricincome: How long have you been in the business?
Kinzo farms: 7 years
Agricincome: What attracted you to agriculture?

kinzo farms
Kinzo farms: First of all agriculture informed our culture and I know that it was the oldest profession and also there are lots of possibilities and opportunities to convert it to wealth. The need to eat what you grow is also a fascinating factor but majorly the curiosity of the older generation to always retire to agriculture made me know it is a gold mine that needs to be unravelled by the youths.
Agricincome: What’s is the secret of the success you have achieved so far?
Kinzo farms: Total preparation, resilience and planning is the key. You need to have a structure in place that will form long and short term goals.
Agricincome: What were the main challenges you face since the inception of your business?
Kinzo farms: A lot of set forward I call it because experience is the best teacher. Challenges like I use to say are breakfast for champions. I have lost 100% of what I grow before, because of lack of planning and absolute preparation but in all we are stronger and better now.
Agricincome: Why do youths no longer have interest in farming?
Kinzo Farms: Because those involved made it look poor, youths want to work or invest in a sector that will boost them up and that is one major reason I have always advocate for youth inclusion in this sector and we cannot achieve that if we don’t understand their language and their mind-set.. that’s why we call it agrifuture, agriswagture, agrislayture for as long as we provide food for the nation. No country can survive if the youths are not involve in their food production.
Agricincome: What advice would you give to youths seeking a career in agribusiness?
Kinzo farms: They need to understand that they are the future of the country and they should acquire necessary trainings and not go into agriculture half baked.
Agricincome: A lot of people think that agriculture is a quick way to get rich, what is your stand about this?
Kinzo farms: Absolutely No, but when you learn the ropes and understand the possibilities you will make it. Agriculture is not MMM there are processes and there are value chains, but trust me when you understand all the factors you will be rich.
Agricincome: What prompted you to bring out this slogan “All farmers will be rich this year” what is it all about?
Kinzo farms: It is a movement that I believe in and sharing it with my senior colleagues assured me that it will happen. Government have stopped importation at least to a great extent, what this means is that farmers will provide food for 220 million people. Come what may your profit margin will increase. Majorly if you learn the ropes and strategically involved there are loads of opportunities that will make you rich. Meanwhile been rich is relative, have that in mind and if you prepare yourself with the right information you will be richer than you were before…so the movement is targeted at the youths so that together we can move the sector with glamour. The idea is not to appear rich but to be rich.

Agricincome: Thank you for your time sir

kinzo farms: You’re welcome……ALL FARMERS WILL BE RICH THIS YEAR


INTERVIEW SECTION: All Farmers Will Be Rich This Year: Kinzo Farms

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