Essentials for a successful agripreneurs

Agripreneurs are a new breed of entrepreneurs combining their love of farming and agriculture with business. They are not really farmers and can range from any age group. A successful agripreneur is one who has the ability to think outside the box, recognizing opportunities which others could not see. Below are some of the essentials of successful agripreneurs:

  • Vision: “without vision, one is like a ship without a rudder and is in danger of drifting aimlessly”- John Walters. An agripreneurs must have a vision which drives him to achieve a goal, and be somewhat motivational so that he is constantly being reminded of what he is trying to achieve when the going gets tough.
  • Focus: when you have a vision, it will help you stay focused. Focus helps in the proper allocation and management of resources. It helps one to devote his time, energy and money to a particular strategy and this in turn leads to proper execution of a project. This will also help to prevent frustration, stagnation and ultimate failure.
  • Strategic: an agripreneurs that dreams of success must be strategic in planning, decision making as regards what is essential for the success of the business. Being strategic has to deal with questions like what do I do?
  • Be positive: Being positive will bring a wealth of benefits, nobody likes negativity being positive is the best tools in business. Being optimistic would help overcome failures and help to push your boundaries, approach new challenges because you have the belief that either you succeed or you’ll take something useful from a potential stumble that will help do better next time. Remaining optimistic would allow you to ignore temporary distractions and focus on your individual journey which brings you closer and closer to your goal.
  • Innovativeness: a successful agripreneur needs to be creative in his thinking. He should have the ability to generate ideas and also be willing to do something new. This would enable him to be innovative and also enable him to make use of new business opportunities.
  • Monitor Evolutionary Trend: A successful agripreneurs should be able to stay abreast of changes in the business world in terms of production, packaging, marketing etc. this would help him to improve strategies by identifying and analysing the strong and weak points in his business.


Essentials for a successful agripreneurs

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