5 Profitable Crops to grow in Nigeria.

Profitable Crops to grow in Nigeria

In this post, I will be sharing the 5 most profitable crops to grow in Nigeria in terms of productivity and profitability.
Agriculture in Nigeria is evolving drastically, especially crop production, farmers must know which crop to dedicate their attention and care to for greater profit, as the sole aim of every farmer is to maximize profit. Yes, we may have said if all farmers venture into the same type of crop production, there will be much competition, but yeah comes first, evaporated market or profitability? This is why we need to take a critical look at the five profitable crops to grow in Nigeria that can give you the returns you desire;

1) Cassava: It is a popular staple in Nigeria which is known for making garri, fufu, starch, and flakes that are consumed by all. Cassava is easy to cultivate as you can cultivate it from its seeds or stems. It doesn’t require a large area of land before you can venture into it. No parts of the cassava plants are now useless either scientifically or as food products.


2) Rice: This is the most consumed food all over the world, especially in Nigeria. You can use it for different food supplies from cooked, powdered, smashed, or blended cakes. Although rice cannot be planted in any soil type, it is planted in rich clay loam soil, it grows in an irrigated land or swampy site under the rainfall of 1200mm throughout its growing season.

According to research, Benue state is known as the state that grows rice in large areas of land because of its profitability. The method of cultivation is by seeds, gotten from a verified seed company. Why the seeds are gotten from seed companies because rice is easily attracted to pests and insects, thereby, reducing its quality and quantity. The harvesting of rice is not that tedious, it is harvested when the shafts and leaves turn brown.


3) Tomato: It is a spice and vegetable crop that are eaten raw, as salad, dried, blended into soups, and in juice production. It can be planted in any season with adequate water and pest control management. In all, Tomato cultivation in Nigeria requires a lot of inputs, including fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation. The crop is also susceptible to diseases, and farmers need to take proper care to prevent diseases from affecting their crops.


4) Cocoa: Cocoa is another profitable crop that is grown in Nigeria. It is one of the major cash crops in the country, with Nigeria being the fourth-largest cocoa producer in the world. Cocoa is used to make chocolate, and it is in high demand globally, making it a profitable crop for farmers.

Cocoa is also relatively easy to cultivate, although it requires a lot of inputs, including fertilizers and pesticides. The crop grows best in areas with high rainfall and well-drained soil. It takes about three to five years for cocoa trees to start producing fruits, but once they do, they can continue to produce for up to 30 years.

5) Maize: Maize, also known as corn, is a profitable crop that is widely cultivated in Nigeria. It is a staple food in the country and is used for making different types of food, such as pap, tuwo, and cornflakes. Maize is also used as animal feed, making it a versatile crop that is in high demand.

Maize is relatively easy to cultivate and requires moderate inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. The crop has a short growth cycle of between three to four months, meaning that farmers can cultivate multiple harvests in a year. The demand for maize in Nigeria is high, making it a profitable crop for farmers.


Finally, Nigeria, an agricultural nation with a growing population and increasing demand for food, has a great opportunity for farmers to earn a good income by growing profitable crops.


5 Profitable Crops to grow in Nigeria.

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