10 ways you can make money investing in Heliculture

ways you can make money investing in Heliculture

Heliculture is still a fresh and growing business in the Nigeria agricultural sector but its constant growth as really been amazing so many people are investing into snail farming due to its low start-up capital, and high yield and returns snail. Here are amazing reasons why you should invest in Heliculture:
• Income can be generated in heliculture as a breeder, snails could be sold at any age depending on the choice of the farmer/breeder.
• You can make money by raising and selling hatchling to start-up snail breeders.
Consultancy Service: An experienced snail farmer can provide consultancy services on snail pen construction, farm management and marketing services to generate income.
Pepper Soup Joint: You can decide to operate a mini pepper snail joint or sell to this joint and you can be sure to make huge profit.

• You can target a high brow areas and supply directly to individuals or groups in the areas.
Snail Vendors: Snail traders in the local markets usually sell big, medium and small sized snail. You can make cool profit if you buy and stock the big ones and wait for when it’s scarce to resell back to the snail traders.
Hotels: Snail meat are in huge demand in Hotels. You can position yourself as a regular supplier. Once they know you always supply at agreed time and period then you are on your way to regular income.
Restaurants: They also patronize suppliers of quality.
Export: You can source for client abroad and export the snails and make your money in foreign currency
Cosmetics Companies: You can also market your snails to cosmetic companies that use snail slime for drug and cosmet.

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10 ways you can make money investing in Heliculture

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